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About Us

ATM Group is Located in the city of Monterrey, a dynamic industrial center in northeastern Mexico; a two hour drive from the US border. Founded in 1961 as a metal stamping job shop, the company has expanded its offerings, first by adding in 1993 a world class CNC machining shop to build stamping dies, and in 2011, a commercial division, initially selling consumables for WEDM machines.

Our company has 3 functional areas that operate synergistically


A state of the art CNC machining job shop specializing in hard milling and turning of tool steel stamping die components as well as the building of stamping dies, especially for the automotive industry.


ATM is an authorized distributor for a number of prestigious machine tool brands as well as specialty tooling for machining shops such as tool holders, specialty cutters, part locating and clamping systems, WEDM consumables, etc.

Stamping and Fabrication

A metal stamping shop specializing in small to medium size stamping jobs, assembly, welding, and powder coat painting of stamped products

What makes us different from other machine and tooling distributors?

As an integrated company, with CNC machining, metal stamping and a commercial division under the same roof, we can proudly say that we use in our own shop the tools we sell. This allows us to offer real-life applications support to our customers. Additionally, we have operating in our own shop several of the machines we distribute, so customers can see them in operation under real-life work conditions.